Lucinda Ochoada

Just wanted to let you know that Buddy earned a Prize 1 today with a score of 112. I’m sure we wouldn’t have made that score without your help. Even though the time we spent training in Florida was limited it definitely gave us a solid foundation. We hope to see you next winter!

Allyn & Journey

Thanks for the welcome to the NAVHDA training group. The entire day gave me many opportunities to learn as I watched others and listened to you as you worked with the various dogs/handlers. You gave so many tips (I call them gems of knowledge) that I feel I really learned a lot from watching. Out…

Bob and Sue Hraha

Just wanted to thank you and Danelle for all the hard work that you do with this club. We are exhausted this morning and can’t imagine how you must feel with all the energy you put forth in each individual and helping everyone to succeed with their dogs. You are amazing!!!! Thank you soooooo much!!!