After numerous requests and a great deal of planning, we are very excited to announce that we are rolling out a new program for our breeder members.  NAPS will maintain a public list of breeders and stud dog owners who have submitted documentation for review and have been determined by the Breeder Program Committee to meet the current breed standard and breeding requirements of NAPS.  This list shall reside on the NAPS website for the general public to see.  Additionally, these breeders will be allowed to advertise litters on the NAPS website and social media platforms.  There will be opportunities for breeders to purchase additional advertising such as website banner ads and newsletter ads, if desired.

The goal of this program is to connect prospective pudelpointer puppy buyers with breeders who have been confirmed to follow the NAPS breeding requirements and breed standards.  By directing buyers to responsible breeders, NAPS is helping to improve and protect the pudelpointer in North America.

Members seeking approval for the NAPS Breeder Program must be NAPS members in good standing.  The breeder must submit an application and fee annually.  Members wishing to promote their stud must apply with the same documentation and a fee annually.  Each year a breeder renews they shall update the committee with documentation of any new breeding stock. If a breeder is found to be in violation of the Code of Ethics or falls out of good standing, they will be removed from the list for a period of at least 1 year.

Cost: Breeders with a female, females, or females & studs will be charged $100 annually, per kennel. Members wishing to promote a stud or studs will be charged $50 annually. These will be billed upon application approval.

Required Documentation:

  1. North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) pedigree, or equivalent, with valid test results. *
    1. If test results are not on the pedigree, documentation showing test results will be required.
    2. The NAPS Board is currently working to develop a list of acceptable equivalents for both registry and testing requirements. In the interim, we will make decisions regarding non-NAVHDA registry and testing on a case by case basis.
  2. OFA or PennHIP documentation.
  3. Picture of the dog.

* NAVHDA judges may make comments about a dog’s potential health issues, such as bite or eye problems etc.  If a dog’s NAVHDA pedigree states that a dog has a disqualification the breeder may supply a written health certificate, from a board-certified veterinarian, stating that the dog does not have this disqualification.  The NAPS Breeder Certification Board will side with a board-certified veterinarian as to the condition of the dog’s health.

The Breeder Program will be run by a volunteer committee of three NAPS members, in good standing, who have been appointed by a majority vote of the NAPS Board of Directors.  The committee shall consist of at least one breeder and at least one non-breeder.  The current committee members, who have graciously volunteered to take on this pilot program, are Mike Baird of Lone Pine Pudelpointers, Chris Randell – NAPS member and pudelpointer owner, and Jeff George of Ripsnorter Kennel. This committee shall not act as breed wardens.  The committee will not evaluate every breeding by breeders on the NAPS list, nor does the committee have the authority to approve or disapprove specific breeders, instead they will make suggestions to the NAPS Board of Directors on these matters.  The committee’s sole role is to evaluate that a breeder’s breeding stock meets the NAPS breeding requirements and breed standards.


If you have any questions, please email

  • If you are applying with stud(s) only, list “Stud Only” in this field.

    • Current pedigrees, with valid test results for all breeding stock. If test results are not on the pedigree, upload copies of test result documentation.
    • PennHIP or OFA documentation certifying that your dog/dogs is/are free of hip dysplasia. Hip results listed on the pedigree will not be accepted.
    • At least one picture of your dog(s).
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, gif, jpeg, pdf, doc, docx.

If you have any questions, please email